First Ever Blog Post!



As my first ever blog post, i’ll share a probably a little bit about me and the reason why this blog was created.

Hey, I’m Shaffira but people usually call me Shaffy, a nickname which is created by my awesome friends and teacher. I’m a currently a 15 year old girl who’s trying to make a change to this damn world. At home, I’m a sister to my two younger brothers, one known as tally ’cause he’s taller than me and the other one known as shorty ’cause of the our age gap.

Just kidding.

They’re names are Fadhil aka Tally and Fakhri aka Shorty, love both so much!

According to many people (and surveys), I’m known as someone who is friendly, kind, clumsy, goofy in my own way, smart (thank you people), and yeah thankfully all of those good stuffs. (Hope you guys like me!)

And so that’s little thing about me and now the blog!

I created this blog due to having my own personal rant and ’cause I just love ranting and telling stories to people, most importantly my parents. So I thought, why not make a blog and share my thoughts with other people or maybe discuss with other people – by that I mean you guys!

Not only that, with this blog created, I also want to share my lifestyle, things that I like, my hobbies, and things that I’m passionate about.

And hopefully make some new connections, meaning friends! 🙂

Well, I guess that’s all for the introduction, hope you all stay tuned to this blog and enjoy reading it as much as I love sharing and writing it for you guys! Bye!




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